Dura Composites

Creating an Award-Winning Company with a Culture of Pride

The Challenge

Dura Composites was facing typical challenges associated with their size and growth. One of the major issues they were facing was the lack of effective collaboration and synergy among various departments within the business. As a result, employee morale was at a low point, hindering productivity and overall performance.

It was evident that the production department was particularly affected by these challenges. A concerning recruitment pattern emerged, where many employees were hired based on personal connections rather than merit or suitability for the role. This approach to recruitment had a negative impact on worker performance and hindered the development of a high-performing team. 

Dura Composites recognised the need to further engage their workforce and enhance their corporate culture. This is where Park City stepped in, acting as an extension of the team to create custom strategies and solutions designed to meet their goals. 

The Approach

To address these challenges, a comprehensive approach was developed by Park City to improve collaboration, boost morale, and enhance worker performance within Dura Composites. 

Improving Company Morale: Park City played a pivotal role in helping Dura Composites improve its company culture. One of the key areas of focus was encouraging employee engagement. Park City worked closely with Dura Composites to implement various initiatives that fostered active participation and involvement among employees. This included team-building activities, social events, and brainstorming sessions that promoted interaction, collaboration, and a sense of unity.

Introduce Health and Safety Policies and Procedures: Park City collaborated with Dura Composites to implement various safety measures. This included installing safety equipment, placing clear signage throughout the facility, and providing personal protective equipment (PPE) where necessary. Regular inspections and maintenance of equipment were conducted to prevent accidents or injuries.   

Another key step taken was conducting regular safety training sessions. These sessions equipped employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle equipment safely, follow emergency protocols, and maintain a secure working environment.

Provide Leadership and Management Training: Park City identified potential leaders within Dura Composites and provided them with structured training programs to develop their skills and abilities. The focus was on promoting effective communication, as strong communication skills are an essential aspect of successful leadership. Additionally, all management at Dura Composites completed the prestigious CMI Diplomas, which further solidified their expertise and understanding of effective management practices. This investment in leadership and management training has proven to be instrumental in cultivating a strong and capable leadership team at Dura Composites. 

Implement New Recruitment and Introduction Processes: To address the issue of a workforce comprised mainly of acquaintances, changes were made to the recruitment process. The emphasis shifted from relying solely on personal connections to focusing on objective criteria and skills assessment. This ensured that new hires were selected based on their qualifications and suitability for the roles, leading to a more diverse and skilled workforce. 

Develop a Culture of Pride: By understanding the unique identity and aspirations of Dura Composites, Park City worked closely with the leadership team to articulate the core values that would guide the organization’s culture and decision-making processes. They then collaborated on strategies to promote these values throughout the company, ensuring that employees were aware of them and understood their importance.

The Solution

Through the implementation of the above approach, Dura Composites successfully overcame its challenges and achieved significant improvements within its business.

Enhanced Collaboration: The introduction of cross-department meetings and improved communication channels resulted in better collaboration between teams. 

Revitalised Morale: The initiatives aimed at boosting employee morale had a positive impact on the workforce. Team-building activities fostered stronger bonds between employees, creating a supportive work environment.

Diversified Workforce: By shifting recruitment practices to focus on objective criteria and skills assessment, Dura Composites expanded its talent pool and welcomed individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

Dura Composites successfully addressed the challenges associated with rapid growth by implementing a strategic approach. By improving collaboration, boosting employee morale, and improving recruitment practices, they transformed their organisation into a thriving and cohesive unit. 

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