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Essential Steps for Creating a Company with Values

Building a Company with Values: 10 Things to Get Right

Company values aren’t just words on a website; they’re the bedrock of a business. They define the culture, guide the decisions and inspire employees to work towards the same goals. Here we look at 10 things to create and implement company values that work. We work with our clients across all sectors to create and implement a strong business culture and now we’re sharing our top 10 with you.

Why Company Values Matter

At Park City Consulting we believe core values and a strong company culture is the foundation of a healthy workplace. These values are more than words on a wall; they’re the beliefs that drive behaviour, inform decisions, give purpose to employees and drive the business forward. From an HR perspective values can’t be overemphasised. A company’s core values are key to an engaged workforce and a culture that everyone can buy into.

What are Core Values?

Core values are the principles and moral codes of an organisation. They are the top priorities and fundamental beliefs that define the organisation’s identity. Core values aren’t abstract concepts; they’re the DNA of the company culture that influences internal and external behaviour. These values are embedded in every aspect of the business, in every interaction with employees, customers and the wider community.

Core Values Are the Business Identity

Core values are what your business stands for at its very core. They are the essential truths that remain unchanged as the business strategy and market changes. These values articulate your overall mission and vision and are a constant reminder of its purpose. Examples of company values include a business might have integrity, excellence and innovation as its core values and guide how it behaves and interacts with stakeholders.

Examples of Company Values

Examples of core values can look very different across different organisations but here are a few examples our HR team come across with the businesses we work with:

  • Integrity: Honesty and strong moral principles.
  • Customer: Putting customers first.
  • Innovation: Encouraging creativity and new thinking.
  • Teamwork: Collaboration and collective effort.
  • Excellence: High quality and continuous improvement.
  • Respect: Valuing diversity and everyone’s worth.
  • Accountability: Taking ownership of actions and outcomes.
  • Sustainability: Environmental and social responsibility.

Business strategy

Core company values are key to a business strategy. They provide a framework for decision-making so that strategic choices align with the company’s underlying beliefs. For example, a company that values sustainability might prioritise green practices and products and that would influence everything from supply chain management to marketing. By anchoring the business strategy in core values organisations, your core values are at the centre of everything you do and belive in.

Work-Life Balance

Core values also impact work-life balance within the business. When you prioritise values like respect and well-being you create a supportive and inclusive workplace. This can lead to policies and practices that support work-life balance like flexible hours, remote working and employee wellbeing programmes. By baking these values into the culture you can create a better more sustainable work experience for your people.


Internally core values represent and influence how people interact with each other and approach their work. They set the tone for the company culture and encourage behaviours that support the business mission and goals. Externally they guide how the organisation interacts with customers, partners and the community. For example, a customer focus means employees will always strive to meet and exceed customer expectations and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Creating Unique and Meaningful Core Company Values

Creating unique and meaningful core company values requires thought and a deep understanding of the business mission and goals. Good company values should be a reflection of your business identity, capturing its soul and guiding principles. They need to be authentic and resonate with both employees and stakeholders, embodying fundamentals like integrity, innovation, teamwork and accountability.

The process involves talking to employees at all levels to make sure the values are not just aspirational but practical and tangible. By linking core values to the business strategy companies can create a cohesive culture, drive consistent behaviour and a solid foundation for long-term success.

How to Put Company Values into Practice

Putting your core company values into practice means embedding them into daily operations and communication. To make company core values more than just words on a wall they must become part of the organisational language and lived through policies, practices and daily interactions.

Making Core Values into Policies and Practices

Core values need to be reflected in the organisations policies and practices. Every policy from hiring and onboarding to performance reviews and promotions should support and promote these core values. For example, if teamwork is a core value encourage collaborative projects and reward team achievements. If integrity is a core value have clear policies around ethical behaviour and transparent decision-making processes.

Making Core Values part of the Organisational Language

To make core values part of the organisational language communicate and reinforce them regularly through different channels like internal newsletters, team meetings and company events. Leadership should refer to the core values in their communications and decision-making and lead by example. Training and development programmes can also play a big part in embedding the values by educating employees on what the values mean and how to live them in their daily work.

Values Live in Daily Interactions

Core values must be shown in daily interactions between employees, managers and customers. Create a culture where the values are visible in behaviour and attitude. For example if respect is a core value it should be seen in how employees treat each other and in the customer service they provide. Regular feedback and recognition programmes can help reinforce the importance of living the values by recognising individuals and teams who live them in their work.

Linking Values to Business Strategy

Link core values to the overall business strategy so that the strategic goals and initiatives support and reinforce these values. For example, if sustainability is a core value the business strategy should include sustainable practices and initiatives like reducing the company’s carbon footprint or investing in renewable energy. By making core values into the strategic planning process companies can ensure their values are upheld and drive the organisation towards its long-term goals.

Living the Company Values

Living the company values is key to a cohesive company culture. This means plugging them into performance management and goal-setting processes so they become part of how the business operates.

Plugging Core Values into Performance Management and Goal Setting

Core values should be at the heart of performance management and goal setting. This means regularly checking how employee behaviour aligns to the company values and using the values to drive continuous improvement. During reviews check not only what employees achieve but how they achieve it. Goals should be set with results and adherence to the company values in mind, not just one or the other.

Leaders Living the Values

Leaders are key to plugging core values into the culture. They must live the values in their daily behaviour and decisions, setting the tone for the rest of the business. When leaders consistently live the company’s core values they inspire others to do the same, creating a culture of integrity, accountability and excellence. Leadership decisions should be made by values, so every decision at the top level reinforces the organisation’s values.

Understanding the Culture of Accountability and Feedback

A culture of accountability and feedback is key to reinforcing the company values. Recognising and rewarding behaviours that align with the core values helps to plug them into the daily fabric of the business. When employees see that their behaviours, which reflect the company values, are recognised and rewarded it reinforces the values and encourages others to behave in the same way.

Encouraging open feedback channels is another important part of this. These channels should be designed so employees feel comfortable talking about how their behaviours and their colleagues’ behaviours align to the core values. This can be through regular feedback sessions, anonymous surveys and open forums where employees can talk freely about alignment to the company values. By creating an environment where feedback is given and received constructively the organisation can ensure the core values are reflected in everyday operations. This will not only maintain but strengthen the culture of the business and drive growth and improvement.

Continuous Improvement and Self Review

Continuous improvement and self-review are key to a healthy company culture and alignment with company core values. Regularly reviewing personal and organisational alignment to the values helps to identify strengths and areas for improvement. This involves checking behaviours and outcomes against the company’s core values to ensure consistency and adherence.

By systematically checking how well actions and results align with strong company values you can identify specific areas to improve. This might be gaps in behaviour, refining processes or providing additional training and support to employees. These reviews should be a regular part of the business cycle, part of performance reviews, team meetings and strategic planning sessions. Encouraging self-review not only promotes individual accountability but also collective commitment to the values. This continuous feedback loop is key to a dynamic and values-driven company culture and long-term success and cohesion.

Company Values Communication

Company values need to be embedded in the culture so they need to be communicated consistently and openly throughout the whole business. That means not just saying the values but also how those values shape decisions and teams.

Consistent and Visible

Values should be part of the internal chat, in meetings, newsletters and company-wide comms. Get them into everyone’s head and memory. Use all channels – email, intranet, town hall meetings, internal social media.

How Core Values Shape Decisions and Actions

Go beyond just saying the values; show how they shape the business decisions and actions. If transparency is a value, show how that works – open-book management, clear comms about company performance and strategic change. When people know how values work, they’ll live them.

Team Collaboration

Values should be linked to how teams work together. Show how values like respect, integrity and teamwork are the foundation of collaboration. Give examples where those values have delivered projects or improved team dynamics. Training and workshops to show how to live those values in daily work. Always aligned with the company’s values and goals.

Values are not statements but living principles that shape the business and its success. When defined and lived, they create a culture and attract talent and growth. Follow these principles and you’ll have a values-based foundation for long-term success in a competitive world. It’s not what you say. It’s what you do. Every day.

At Park City Consulting, we help you manage your culture and employee experience with our trusted HR services. We know values need to be in every part of the business and we’ll help you create an environment where values live. We’ll get your values articulated and lived in every action and decision you make.

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