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Helping businesses nationwide keeping their people safe and their business compliant with the latest Health & Safety laws and legislation.

Helping businesses improve their Health & Safety at work

Outsourcing your health & safety to industry-leading business partners saves time, freeing up your people to focus on other areas of the business. And you’ll save money, too. Retained outsourced Health & Safety can reduce your costs by as much as £70,000 a year while giving you more knowledge and experience than any single in-house officer could provide. Whatever support you require, your consultant will work as an extension of your business to deliver your health & safety services.

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At Park City Consulting, every Health & Safety Package is delivered to the individual needs of our clients. We take a unique approach to deliver our services, allowing you to build your package from scratch. Below are a couple of examples of bespoke packages you can build, giving you an overview of the combination of services we frequently deliver for Large Businesses. Like what you see? Don’t hesitate to get in touch to build your own Health & Safety Packages.

H&S For Large Businesses Starting from
£750per month
  • Health & Safety For Small Businesses PLUS
  • H&S Training
  • Risk Assessment Training & Support
  • Serious Accident Support
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Behavioural H&S Review
  • Workplace Transport Management Plans

What to expect from our Health & Safety specialists

When you choose this retained service, your health & safety consultant will visit and complete a physical audit of your premises and your business activities, in addition, we will also conduct a Fire Audit on the day. This review will identify any areas of non-compliance, highlighting the possible risk which could influence your business. From signage to personal protective equipment (PPE), we’ll review your sites to identify your non-compliant, high-risk areas – then help you implement better processes and procedures to manage those Risks.

Every business that employs 5 or more people is required to provide a detailed document outlining the organisation’s policy on health & safety. Working closely with you, our safety specialists will create a Health and Safety Management system or Manual, that gives managers, existing staff and recruits a complete understanding of your Health & Safety management procedures. This can include what to do in the event of a fire, guidance for first aid, PPE requirements, and COSHH requirements. We’ll keep your policy and system updated in line with legislation and workplace changes.

When you choose to work with Park City, our team will be at the end of a phone call 24/7 as part of our helpline service. We will be here to support and advise you when you need any health & safety assistance. In addition to this, we have an email helpline service that is contactable 9-5, Mon-Fri where you can contact our team and we will be here to support you through the situation you are enquiring about. This is a valuable support service to Managers and Supervisors.

As a business owner, your employees must have an awareness of their legal responsibilities. Training is a huge element in ensuring that your workplace is safe and secure and at Park City, we can provide you with this as part of your retained service. Whether you would like us to come to your premises to deliver the training, or you can come to us. We are here as our trusted business ally to educate your workforce.

Here at Park City, we take a different approach when delivering our services. You will be allocated an experienced Health & Safety Business Partner who will immediately become an extension of your business. This is your first line of communication, if you have any questions, or queries or need someone to support you – your consultant will be with you every step of the way. Our expert specialists will be on hand whenever you need them. We will visit your sites to take care of all your Health & Safety needs at a frequency to suit your business, whether it is weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual visits.

As part of your retained services at Park City, your business partner will carry out a risk assessment in your workplace. This is a key element of health & safety training that can be delivered to your team to help you understand how and when to perform the appropriate risk assessment.

In the event of a serious or reportable accident, we’re your partners in management and investigation. We’ll attend to assist with getting back to business, dealing with the immediate effects, and uncovering the root cause of an accident to learn, improve, and avoid a repeat occurrence. We will also assist in the correspondence and communication with the enforcing agent involved typically the HSE or local EHO.

The Fire Risk Assessments we carry out will help you ensure that your fire safety procedures, fire prevention measures and fire precautions (plans, systems and equipment) are all in place and working properly.

Our Fire Risk Assessment will be an organised and methodical look at your premises, the activities carried out there and the likelihood that a fire could start and cause harm to those in and around the premises. The Fire Risk Assessment will determine the chances of a fire starting and the dangers from the fire that your premises present for the people who use them and any person in the immediate vicinity.

It will take the whole of your premises into account, including outdoor locations and any rooms or areas that are rarely used. This can be included in your retained package.

Your Business Partner will come to your workplace to conduct a behavioural health & safety review. The purpose of the review is to assess your current workplace practices and what you can do moving forward to minimise the risk of any accidents at work. Often, work-related injuries and accidents are caused by an employee’s behaviour or poor judgement. Let us help you reduce the risk of any accidents occurring due to poor behaviour in the workplace.

Workplace management is highly important when it comes to health & safety at your business premises. This is a strategic plan to ensure that employees can work effectively and efficiently minimising any accidents in the workplace. Your Health & Safety Business Partner will review your premises and focus on the optimisation of the environment. If you do not have this in place already, we will work with you to restructure your work environment to ensure workplace safety.

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Why choose Park City for Workplace Health & Safety

Are you considering outsourcing your Health & Safety? Our Health & Safety Specialists have combined experience crosses numerous industries and environments, from offices to warehouses. With their eye for detail and understanding of your operations, they’re the perfect extension to your business.

  • Reduce the risk of workplace accidents
  • Bespoke services tailored to your needs
  • Provides support for Managers and Supervisors
  • Increase productivity and efficiency in your workplace
  • Crisis support on site
  • Telephone support 24/7

With Park City retained services, our Health and Safety Business Partners will become your specialist Health & Safety team, giving you the advantage of over 70 years of experience. With our client’s safety at the core of everything we do, we aim to work with businesses nationwide to reshape their organisation into a safe and secure environment.

Our team of industry-leading Business Partners range from essential safety standards to an MBE for contributions to Health and Safety. Whatever your industry, whatever your environment, they know what they’re doing – and that means you have the best support and are never alone. When you choose Park City, we will become your trusted Health & Safety ally.

Saul HunnaballSaul Hunnaball
15:44 12 Aug 22
We have worked with Park City for our HR and Health and Safety support for many years now and have always received an excellent service.Carley is our Consultant and she is always so helpful, as are... her colleagues when she is unavailable.I would highly recommend Park more
Lea CuttingLea Cutting
08:31 27 Jul 22
Park City have worked with us for many years, advising and guiding us regarding HR and Health & Safety, along with supplying valuable training.We work with many people in several areas of expertise,... Sara Godfrey, Jennie Galione, Ashley Williams, Sam Parcell, Stephanie Devans, Poppy Hayhoe.They build confidence within our company and are always available with support and advice.They provide a consistent, professional, hands-on service, second to none!Thank you from DH Industries more
Vikki PringleVikki Pringle
11:12 20 Jul 22
The team at Park City offer us the right level of service needed to confidently run a small business. They keep us up to date with UK policy HR requirements, help us manage any staff changes or... issues and policy documents. The team are informed, friendly and remain professional in my more
Tracy MeadTracy Mead
07:12 20 Jul 22
The DS Group have been working with Park City now for a number of years and we have found their HR services to be invaluable. The service received is always to the highest professional standards and... they have assisted our business in becoming more efficient and effective in all HR matters.My consultant Sam Parcell is always on hand to help answering any questions quickly and professionally and she offers vital guidance, advice and support to us.We as a company will continue to use Park City’s services for many years to come and we cannot recommend them enough!Tracy Norton-Mead, Operations Director at the DS more
Katie HerbertKatie Herbert
13:35 07 Jul 22
We have worked with Park City for almost 10 years and have built up a great professional relationship over the years. The team are so friendly and helpful, and nothing is ever too much of an ask for... any of them. Our main HR contact is Carley, who is lovely, and she is very prompt in dealing with any queries we have regarding our 100+ staff. We would highly recommend their services for any local more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Often, health and safety in the workplace can be overlooked, pushed aside and allocated to someone with no background experience in Health and Safety. Are you becoming overwhelmed by the additional workload that isn’t your area of responsibility? If you have found yourself in a similar situation, don’t panic, we’re here to support you and your organisation.

Outsourcing your workplace health and safety will take a huge weight off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your work and responsibilities, and leaving the experts to reshape your internal processes and documentation. When you choose Park City, we become an extension of your business – making sure you are compliant and up to date with the latest health and safety legislation.

Yes, all our services are delivered bespoke to the needs of each one of our clients. At Park City, we take a unique approach to delivering our services, with a mixture of retained packages and ad-hoc projects for both HR and Health & Safety. You tell us what you need, and our consultants will be on hand to support you in all the areas you require.

Whether you require a fully comprehensive health and safety package or an ad-hock project such as new health and safety policies and manuals – we are your trusted business ally. When you choose Park City, you can rely on our consultants to create a culture of safe behaviour, keeping you compliant and helping you create an environment where your people can work confidently and safely.

As a responsible employer, you must protect your employees against any health and safety risks in the workplace as well as anyone who visits your premises. The Health & Safety at work act is detailed legislation that outlines the responsibilities of both the employer and employee.

At times Health & Safety can seem like a minefield, especially when it isn’t your area of expertise. Understanding who needs to put policies and procedures in place as well as who takes responsibility when things go wrong can seem overwhelming. This is where our team of experts can help you, bringing their expertise into your business to ensure that you are complying with the law and doing everything in your power to create a safe workplace, with our team you will never be alone.

The Health & Safety at Work etc Act is the primary legislation that covers everyone at work. It details the fundamental duties and responsibilities of employers and others regarding health & safety within the workplace and beyond.

The Act is supported by The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations which set out how health & safety are to be managed, using risk assessments and having arrangements in place for the effective planning, organisation, control, monitoring and review of the health and safety risks.

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