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Welcome to our health and safety services at Park City, where we understand the demands of managing safety and ensuring compliance. Let us help you streamline safety management and enhance health and safety practices in your business.

All In One Health & Safety Service

Calling all business owners and managers seeking safety support! Connect with us and discover the ease and impact of our Health & Safety consulting service. Our bespoke service delivery is tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Choose from our range of tailored services, including safety audits, risk assessments, health and safety management systems, and expert advice. Take control of your safety strategy by selecting the services that best fit your requirements. We’re more than just consultants – we’re your committed business ally.

Rest assured, your safety is our top priority. We’re here to support you on your journey, offering award-winning safety services and advice every step of the way.

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All In One Health & Safety Services

Discover the effectiveness of Park City’s Health & Safety consulting service, uniquely designed for your business.

Our services include support like audits, health & safety management systems, policies, risk assessments, 24/7 safety advice and serious accident support. Choose what suits you best and consider us not just as consultants but as your dedicated business ally.

Discover Our Award-Winning Safety Approach

Partnering with us goes beyond an award-winning safety support service – you’re gaining a dedicated business ally and a team of safety specialists ready to answer your ad-hoc questions.

Select the Health & Safety services you need, and we’re here to assist. Our first step is analysing your business to understand your requirements. From award-winning safety support and management systems to professional advice and safety guidance, we’ve got you covered.

Even though we are based in Essex, we work with clients across the country. We believe in a personalised approach, coming to your site to deliver your service, putting a face to our name, and becoming an extension of your team.

Contact us to arrange an initial consultation session (here), during which we’ll dive into your business needs. We’ll discuss ways to assist and support your Health & Safety requirements throughout our call.

Following our call, we’ll develop a specialised strategy tailored to meet your unique Health & Safety needs. This customised plan ensures that our support aligns seamlessly with your business goals, delivering comprehensive and effective solutions for Health & Safety.

Once the strategy is finalised, we’ll work together to determine tailored solutions that best suit your business. These customised solutions are designed to effectively meet your specific Health & Safety needs.

Finally, you’ll meet your dedicated business partner, an industry expert assigned to handle your business needs. They seamlessly become a part of your team, making sure to understand your business deeply for a collaborative and effective partnership.

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Meet Our Safety Specialists

All You Need To Know About Safety Services at Park City

Our dedicated compliance team closely monitors industry regulations and updates to ensure that our health and safety services align with the latest standards. By staying proactive, we guarantee that our clients are always in compliance with relevant regulations. We also provide Health & Safety training for businesses, managers and employees at all stages.

We work with clients across all sectors, our business partners are well-versed in supporting all types of organisations. Discover the different types of clients we work with to support them with their Health & Safety and HR requirements.

Park City Consulting has a thorough incident investigation protocol. We provide safety management support in analysing incidents, determining root causes, and implementing corrective actions to prevent reoccurrence. Our commitment is to learn from incidents and continuously improve our safety measures.

Park City Consulting offers interactive and engaging online training courses that are regularly updated to reflect the latest industry standards. Our online courses are designed to be user-friendly and include assessments to measure comprehension. Additionally, we offer personalised tracking and reporting tools to monitor employee progress and ensure the training is effective. Talk to our Health & Safety consultants to understand what training courses are right for your business. 

Absolutely. Our team understands that each client has unique requirements. We specialise in crafting bespoke health and safety management systems, which are effectively documents tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. We ensure that policies, procedures, and guidelines align seamlessly with your industry, helping you maintain a safe and compliant workplace.

As trusted Health & Safety Consultants, our award-winning approach to health and safety audits revolves around the expertise of our auditors. The safety team conduct thorough on-site inspections, examining policies, procedures, and practices. Our process also involves a detailed review of documentation and insightful conversations with your people to ensure a holistic evaluation. This workplace safety audit not only provides valuable risk assessments but also offers safety advice. The results are actionable recommendations aimed at enhancing safety measures and ensuring compliance for your business.

Discover How We Can Support Your Business

Your peace of mind is our priority.

Picture this: a dedicated business partner, available around the clock, ready to step in and provide on-site assistance in the unfortunate event of an accident. We understand that emergencies can happen at any time, and that’s why our support is not bound by office hours.

Our team is committed to being by your side, offering guidance and support throughout the entire process. or more information visit our dedicated page to discover how we can support your business.

Experience hassle-free audits at Park City – your dedicated business partner conducts a thorough on-site examination.

Our report, colour-coded for priorities (red, amber, green), guides you with a clear roadmap to ensure workplace compliance. It’s a straightforward approach to a safer, secure workplace.

Where simplicity meets customisation.

Our commitment is to provide you with safety solutions that are uniquely tailored to your business. With a variety of services at your disposal, including audits, health & safety management systems, policies, risk assessments, and serious accident support. We offer you the flexibility to pick and choose, creating a bespoke safety package that aligns seamlessly with your organizational needs.

Our safety specialists are here to streamline your safety processes.

We offer tailored solutions, including the creation of a bespoke Health & Safety Management System designed specifically for your business.

Whether it’s crafting or updating policies, procedures, checklists, or inspection lists, our experts have you covered. Consider us your reliable resource for establishing frameworks, guidelines, and tools that systematically manage health and safety in your workplace.

Discover convenient Online Health & Safety Training tailored just for you.

Get instant access to accredited courses ensuring workplace compliance in quick 45-minute sessions. Train instantly online and receive personalised certification upon completion, showcasing your commitment to safety.

Enrol your entire team today – contact us for pricing details. Elevate your team’s knowledge effortlessly with our user-friendly courses.

Our dedicated business partner will either come directly to your site, conduct thorough on-site risk assessments or provide you with the expertise needed to confidently conduct them yourself through personalised training sessions.

It’s all about empowering you to navigate potential risks seamlessly.

Working hand-in-hand with your dedicated business partner, we ensure that every aspect of your unique work environment is considered, providing you with the tools and knowledge necessary to manage and mitigate risks effectively.

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