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July 22

The new Building Safety Act was granted Royal Assent in April. It makes ground-breaking reforms to give residents and homeowners more rights, power and protection.

The Act creates three new bodies:

The Building Safety Regulator who will oversee safety and performance for all buildings with a special focus on high-rise buildings. It will promote competence and organisational capability for building control professionals and trades people.

The National Register of Construction Products will oversee a more effective construction products regulatory regime and lead and co-ordinate market surveillance and enforcement in this sector across the UK.

The New Homes Ombudsman Scheme will allow relevant owners of new-build homes to escalate complaints to a New Homes Ombudsman.

Together these changes mean owners will manage their buildings better, and the home-building industry has the clear, proportionate framework it needs to deliver more, and better, high-quality homes.

Many of the detailed provisions in the Act will be implemented over the next two years through a programme of secondary legislation.



Sept 22

Every item of PPE must conform to specified standards to ensure that the protection provided will be sufficient to prevent harm to the wearer.

Employers and workers are familiar with checking for the CE mark on the packaging and the product to confirm that it is suitable for use in the workplace.

From 1 January 2023 the mark is replaced with the UK Conformity Assessed mark

PPE purchased with the CE mark before 1 January 2023 may continue to be used for as long as it is still serviceable.

Changes to the PPE Regulations has extended the employer’s duty to provide PPE free of charge to an additional class of persons.

In addition to their own employees, employers must now provide PPE to a person who undertakes to personally carry out any work or services for another party under any contract, expressed or implied, either verbal or in writing.

In simple terms, if an employer asks anyone to do some work for which PPE is required then it must be made available free of charge.



Oct 22

HSE have announced that they have begun a targeted inspection of manufacturing companies which use materials that contain silica. This includes brick and tile manufacture, stonework, foundries and stone working such as memorials and kitchen worktops.

Silica is found in most stone, rock, sand, quartz and clay, and exposure to it may lead to lung disease and cancer. Long term uncontrolled exposure is likely to lead to irreversible lung damage as well as a fatality.


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