Advanced Leadership & Management CMI Programme

We develop managers into confident leaders, this diploma is for middle managers and business leaders wanting to elevate their qualification portfolio.

Key Details

Duration: 7 Sessions | 9:30am - 4:30pm
Location: Park City Consulting, Colchester

£4,094.00 Ex. VAT

Price includes registration fee

Course Overview

Welcome to The Advanced Leadership & Management CMI Programme– the perfect program for middle managers and leaders. Whether you’re already in a role at the operational, divisional, departmental, or specialist level, this diploma is tailored for those accountable to senior managers or business owners. You will learn the essential skills to lead and manage individuals and teams effectively, aligning with your organisational goals and strategies.

This CMI Diploma at Park City is ideal for managers who want to become better prepared to manage their teams in a way that is relevant to their current role. This Level 5 Diploma is engaging and covers key management skills such as performance, personal development, resource management and quality control.  

Study Topics

We provide a distinctive learning experience for the Advanced Leadership & Management CMI Programme. Our hands-on, classroom-based approach uses discussions, interactive sessions, and case studies to foster deep understanding among managers and discover all you need to know in our CMI Hub.

The Diploma spans 7 sessions, with 6-week breaks between each session.

Join us on the 13th of May from 9am – 10am for an introduction call via Microsoft Teams to meet your CMI trainer. The topics in the diploma are as follows:  

Session 1 

Induction Day and Principles of Leadership Practice 

Session 2 

Principles of Delivering Coaching & Mentoring 

Session 3 

Managing Performance 


Session 4 

Forming Successful Teams 

Session 5 

Planning Procuring & Managing Resources 


Session 6 

Managing Quality & Continuous Improvement 


Session 7 

Managing Conflict 



For further information, click here to download the full syllabus 

Is This Course For Me?

The Advanced Leadership & Management CMI Programme is the perfect course for middle managers and leaders at operations, division, departmental and specialist levels who are looking to take their leadership skills to the next level.  

This course has been designed with the aim of equipping participants with the necessary tools to effectively lead and manage teams, ensuring they can achieve their goals and objectives. With engaging content and a focus on real-world application, this diploma is sure to be an invaluable asset for managers. 

What are the benefits?

At Park City Consulting, we’re proud to provide our customers with the highest quality of management and leadership training through the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).  

By choosing us for your Level 5 CMI Diploma, you can be sure you are receiving an accredited diploma that is recognised globally.  

We also include CMI membership for the duration of the course and provide access to the largest management and leadership library in Europe – Management Direct – giving you resources at your fingertips wherever you are. With our experienced team of trainers standing by to support you throughout the duration of the course, you’ll be sure to pass with flying colours. 

  • Receive CMI accredited Diploma recognised worldwide  
  • Access to the largest management and leadership library in Europe 
  • Learn the essential skills required to be a successful manager  
  • Gain peace of mind in your management role knowing you are leading your team the right way


Learner Information

Level 5 CMI Diploma

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£4,094.00 Ex. VAT

Price includes registration fee

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