IOSH Managing Safely Refresher

Welcome to our IOSH Managing Safely Refresher course, designed to empower you with the latest insights and practices for maintaining a safe and secure work environment

Key Details

Duration: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Location: Park City Consulting, Colchester

£375.00 Ex. VAT

Course Overview

The Managing Safely Refresher is a practical classroom-based course, full of step-by-step guidance, with a clear business focus. The format and content keep your staff interested and stimulated throughout the course – critical to getting safety and health embedded across the whole organisation. This is a great opportunity for you to refresh your knowledge of Health & Safety in the workplace through an engaging and practical program.

Study Topics

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher course is an efficient and effective program helping managers refresh their skills in Health & Safety. This course is delivered flexibly to suit any business across all sectors.  

Module 1: Introducing Managing Safely 

Module 2: Assessing Risks 

Module 3: Controlling Risks 

Module 4: Understanding your responsibilities 

Module 5: Identifying hazards 

Module 6: Investigating accidents and incidents 

Module 7: Measuring performance 

Module 8: Protecting the Environment 

Is This Course For Me?

This course is suitable for anyone in a leadership or management role who has already completed IOSH Managing Safely. This is a great opportunity for you to refresh your knowledge of Health & Safety in the workplace and your responsibilities as a manager.  

Delegates get to refresh their knowledge on the key parts of the full Managing Safely course by relating them to a plan-do-check-act safety and health management system, with leadership at the heart of it all. 

What are the benefits?

Sending your team on the IOSH Managing Safely refresher course will not only be a benefit to the delegate, but it will also benefit your business. Managing Safely covers precisely what you need to know to improve productivity, increase profits, enhance corporate reputation and strengthen your brand.   

Benefits for the Business:  

  • High levels of productivity throughout the organisation  
  • Improved awareness across the organisation  
  • Improved appreciation of safety measures 
  • Enhanced reputation within the supply chain 

Benefits for the Delegate:  

  • Refresh your knowledge and qualifications in Health & Safety  
  • Build on your existing knowledge and capabilities 
  • Put your learnings into action in the workplace  
  • A personal reflection on good practice in the Workplace 

What does your business get?

  • Peace of mind, knowing that your staff have had refresher training and are up to date with their safety and health knowledge
  • Very little ‘downtime’ – the programme can be delivered flexibly so that it suits your business
  • Efficient and effective learning – the course materials have been piloted to make sure they work in practice
  • Globally-recognised, respected and certificated training for your managers and supervisors

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£375.00 Ex. VAT

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