IOSH Managing Safely

IOSH Managing Safely, the number one health and safety course for line managers, in any sector, worldwide.

Key Details

Duration: 3 Days | 9:30am - 4:30pm
Modules: 7
Location: Park City Consulting, Colchester

£695.00 Ex. VAT

Course Start Date: 11/06/2024
Course Date Range: 11th - 13th June

Course Overview

IOSH Managing Safely training at Park City empowers managers with the essential skills to efficiently lead and oversee workplace safety. You will gain the knowledge to assess and enhance your departmental safety systems, implementing necessary changes to ensure a secure work environment.

This comprehensive IOSH Managing Safely course is tailored for individuals responsible for managing safety in alignment with their organization’s policies and industry best practices. The course spans three consecutive days, encompassing seven modules. Topics covered include understanding managerial safety responsibilities, risk assessment and control, accident investigation, and performance measurement.

Study Topics

Module 1: Introducing Managing Safely
This module serves as the foundation, introducing the principles of health and safety management. It provides an overview of the course, its objectives, and the importance of integrating safety into everyday managerial responsibilities.

Module 2: Assessing Risks
Here, participants learn the fundamentals of risk assessment. This includes identifying potential hazards, assessing their likelihood and severity, and recognizing the importance of risk evaluation in the decision-making process.

Module 3: Controlling Risks
In this module, the focus shifts to risk control. Participants gain insight into various strategies for controlling and minimizing risks. This includes implementing preventive measures, setting up safeguards, and understanding the role of effective risk management in accident prevention.

Module 4: Understanding Your Responsibilities
Understanding the responsibilities of a manager regarding health and safety is essential. This module clarifies the legal and moral obligations of managers, emphasising their role in fostering a safe working environment and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Module 5: Identifying Hazards
This section equips participants with the skills to identify potential workplace hazards. It delves into the methods for hazard recognition, risk assessment, and the importance of constant vigilance in keeping the workplace safe.

Module 6: Investigating Accidents and Incidents
Accident investigation is a critical component of safety management. In this module, managers learn how to conduct thorough investigations, analyze the root causes of incidents, and implement corrective actions to prevent recurrence.

Module 7: Measuring Performance
Monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of safety measures is vital. Participants explore various performance indicators and tools for assessing safety programs, ensuring continuous improvement and compliance with organizational and industry standards.

Module 8: Protecting the Environment
The final module underscores the importance of environmental protection and sustainability in the workplace. It addresses the responsibilities of managers in minimising the environmental impact of their operations and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Each module of IOSH Managing Safely contributes to a holistic understanding of health and safety management, making it a comprehensive and practical training program for line managers. It empowers them to effectively assess risks, control hazards, and instil a culture of safety in their organizations, ultimately leading to safer, more compliant, and environmentally responsible workplaces.

Is This Course For Me?

IOSH Managing Safely presents an invaluable opportunity for individuals in management or supervisory roles who aspire to attain an esteemed qualification in health and safety. This globally acclaimed program extends substantial advantages to managers across diverse sectors. Upon successful course completion, managers will have a profound comprehension of health and safety principles, equipping them to adeptly lead and oversee safety initiatives within their workplaces.

The qualification acquired via IOSH Managing Safely not only augments a manager’s knowledge and competencies but also stands as a testament to their unwavering dedication to cultivating a safe and healthy work environment. This recognition carries significant weight across industries and has the potential to elevate career prospects and foster professional development opportunities. Managers who embrace this course demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding the well-being of their teams and fostering a culture of safety, contributing to both personal and organizational success.

What are the benefits?

Sending your team on the IOSH Managing Safely course will not only be a benefit to the delegate, but it will also benefit your business.  IOSH Managing Safety is the number one Health & Safety course for line managers, in any sector, worldwide.  

Benefits for the business:

  • Active involvement from staff to improve workplace safety  
  • Internationally recognised qualification  
  • Improve safety awareness across the organisation  
  • Improve appreciation for safety measures across the business  
  • Greater productivity throughout the business, fewer hours lost to sickness and accidents  

Benefits for the delegate:  

  • Feel empowered to measure your own performance as a manager 
  • Reflect on your personal performance and how you can adapt and do better 
  • Understand your own responsibility for Health & Safety in the workplace 
  • Investigate accidents within the workplace  
  • Assess and control accidents in the workplace 


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