Level 2 Mental Health in the Workplace

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Duration: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Location: Park City Consulting, Colchester

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Course Overview

Mental Health in the Workplace Level 2 is a one-day course delivered at our state-of-the-art training facilities in the heart of Essex. The aim of this course is to raise awareness of Mental Health at work, teaching delegates to how to support colleagues through difficult times of mental illness.  

As an employer, now more than ever it is crucial that you prioritise the well-being of your employees. Did you know that over 50% of employees nationwide feel as though mental health isn’t a priority to their employer? Does your organisation have an approach to dealing with mental ill health? 

We’re here to help you remove stigma in the workplace around mental health, teaching you how to identify when an employee is struggling and how you can help them through these difficult times. Mental Health Aid Training is a 6-hour session delivered in our training suite where you will gain a Level 2 VTQ qualification.

Study Topics

Mental Health in the workplace level 2 is a step up from the Level 1 training, expanding on the basic knowledge and modules, giving delegates the basic knowledge, they need surrounding mental health at work. We recommend you attend a refresher course after 3 years; this is when the qualification expires.  

Topics we cover include understanding mental health, how to recognise mental ill health difficulties and supporting an employee with mental-related issues. When you choose to train with Park City Consulting, our training is run in a classroom-based learning environment, encouraging delegates to interact and take part in our hands-on learning experience.

  • Understand the difference between mental health and mental ill health 
  • Describe the components of mental well-being and how it relates to resilience 
  • Understand how risk factors associated with mental ill health can lead to problems in the workplace  
  • Be able to recognise how mental health problems can affect day-to-day living 
  • Understand how social and cultural attitudes can lead to mental illness  
  • Understanding the causes of stress and knowing how stress can stem from influences resulting from work  
  • Be able to understand different types of mental health  
  • Understand why mental health is not discussed in the workplace  
  • Be able to recognise other types of legislation that relates to Mental Health UK 
  • Be able to understand The Management Standards Approach  
  • Understanding problems in the workplace as a result of unidentified mental health  
  • Be able to implement an action plan to promote a healthy workplace 

Is This Course For Me?

If you are looking to train your employees in Mental Health Aid Training, this course is the one for you. Now more than ever it is essential that you, as an employer, prioritising the well-being of your staff. At Park City Consulting, we understand the importance of this, we offer level 1,2 & 3 training in Mental Health in the Workplace.  

The delegates will leave this training course feeling uplifted and ready to support their team with any mental health issues they’re experiencing at work. We’re here to encourage attendees to implement a positive culture around mental health in your organisation. Not only does the delegate benefit from the qualification, but your business will see significant improvements too.

What are the benefits?

Choosing to come to Park City for Mental Health in the Workplace training comes with numerous benefits, not only for the delegates but also for your business.  

  • Understand how to support your colleagues when they are going through a period of ill mental health 
  • Gain peace of mind that you are following best practices when dealing with mental health at work 
  • Learn how to implement successful processes and procedures across your business 
  • Remove negative stigma around mental health in your organisation  
  • 1-day course, doesn’t impact your busy work schedule  
  • Develop a new perspective on mental health and how you can be there to support your co-workers

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£199.00 Ex. VAT

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