Level 3 Mental Health in the Workplace

Place mental health and wellbeing in the workplace high on your agenda.

Key Details

Duration: 2 Days | 9:30am - 4:30pm
Location: Park City Consulting, Colchester

£299.00 Ex. VAT

Course Start Date: 02/10/2024
Course Date Range: 2nd - 3rd Oct 2024

Course Overview

Mental Health in the Workplace covers the level 3 syllabus with additional modules to provide employees with a greater knowledge of the types of mental health conditions colleagues could be experiencing.   

Now more than ever it is essential that you promote awareness and training throughout your organisation around mental health. This training program is the perfect opportunity for you, as an employer, to incorporate Mental Health in the Workplace training into your people development programs.  

This is a highly successful way to increase understanding, create a supportive environment for positive mental health and equip your leadership team with the skills needed to create a healthy workplace. Whether it is a review of your well-being policy, offering training to your employees, or developing a companywide well-being initiative, we can help.

Study Topics

Mental Health is becoming a common condition for individuals’ psychological and emotional well-being in the UK alone. With the concern for Mental Health in the workplace growing, Park City Consulting has seen a shift in businesses prioritising the Mental well-being of their employees. This training course covers the following topics:  

  • Understanding Mental Health  
  • Recognising and discussing different Mental illnesses  
  • Health problems  
  • Mental Health and Legislation 
  • Understanding responsibilities in the workplace under Mental Health 
  • Recognising a problem  
  • Supporting an employee with Mental Health related problems 
  • Promoting a healthy workplace  
  • Understand how anxiety, phobias, depression, bipolar and schizophrenia a denominators for ill-related Mental Health  
  • Understand why Mental Health is not discussed at work  
  • Be able to recognise other types of legislation that apply to Mental Health UK  
  • Understanding problems in the workplace as a result of unidentified Mental Health  
  • Be able to implement an action plan to promote recovery of mental ill health  
  • Be able to understand The Management Standards Approach 

Is This Course For Me?

This program is designed for anyone who is interested in gaining a qualification in Mental Health in the Workplace. We deliver these courses as closed courses, working with businesses to upskill their team. Or we offer open courses where you can send a selection of your employees on the course who will attend with like-minded people.  

This course is taught over two days and will include both practical and learning outcomes. The Mental Health in the Workplace Level 3 training is valid for 3 years, once your qualification expires you can come back to refresh your knowledge and receive a newer and more relevant qualification. We also offer Level 2 Mental Health training, so if you would like to find out more, get in touch. 

What are the benefits?

Choosing Park City Consulting for Mental Health 1st aid training comes with numerous benefits for your business.  

  • Understand the causes of stress and know how stress can stem from influences resulting from work 
  • Remove stigma around mental health in the workplace 
  • Be able to understand The Management Standards Approach 
  • Be able to understand how an employee’s emotional intelligence enables them to manage their emotions with other people, both individually and in groups 
  • Understanding problems in the workplace as a result of unidentified mental health 
  • Support your colleagues through difficult Mental Health periods  
  • Raise awareness around Mental Health in the Workplace


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£299.00 Ex. VAT

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