Mastering Communication at Work

Welcome to our Communication at Work training, where you will discover the key to unlocking effective, clear, and impactful communication skills that can transform your workplace interactions and enhance your professional success.

Key Details

Duration: 9:30am - 4:30pm
Location: Park City Consulting, Colchester

£395.00 Ex. VAT

Course Overview

From understanding what not to say, to finding the right words for a situation, our training can equip you with the tools needed to make sure that conversations are productive and positive. By learning how to effectively communicate in a professional setting, you can stop potential problems from escalating and create successful relationships with those around you. With our help, you’ll be able to create a workplace culture that encourages successful communication. This Communication at Work Course at Park City is ideal for businesses to come to our state-of-the-art training facilities to transform communication within their workplace.

Study Topics

Study Topics

When you choose Park City for your Communication at Work Training, we cover the following topics to ensure all delegates leave with a well-rounded and better understanding of the best practices for communicating in the workplace.

  1. The principles of communication skills
  2. Understanding your style of communication
  3. Communication methods
  4. Communication and relationships
  5. Understanding listening techniques
  6. Difficult conversations
  7. The Language of Leadership

Is This Course For Me?

This Communication at Work Course is based at our training HQ in Essex and is open to all businesses who are looking to reshape and transform communication within their organisation. You should open this course to everyone within your organisation, this includes both the employees and managers. It is essential for creating a cohesive team and minimising frustrations. Effective Communication training allows your team to work together more effectively and efficiently towards common goals. Regardless of whether you have been in your role for a while or are new to the position, anyone can attend this training course.

Our training facilities are based at the Park City HQ in Ardleigh, Essex. Businesses across London, Suffolk and Essex come to our training centre for Health & Safety and Management and Leadership training. For more information click here to discover more training at Park City.

What are the benefits?

Choosing Park City for your Communication at Work course brings plenty of benefits to your business. Our team are passionate about working with organisations to shape their culture through effective communication.

  • Build better relationships with co-workers.
  • Improve self-awareness.
  • Improve teamwork.
  • Understand how to deal with conflict in the workplace.
  • Gain confidence in communicating with co-workers and customers.
  • Promote trust within your team.
  • Understand how to show empathy.
  • Increase job satisfaction.
  • Improve productivity and engagement.
  • Resolve issues effectively in the workplace.

Based in the heart of Essex, this Communication in the Workplace training is highly beneficial for all businesses, small and large. At Park City, we understand everyone works differently and has busy schedules. This is why we offer you the opportunity to book this training as a closed course, only open to employees within your business. Our trainers can come to your premises to deliver the training, or if you would prefer, you can do the training at our facilities in Colchester, Essex. For more information, contact Park City here.


Why choose Park City?

Park City is passionate about working with individuals to improve overall communication skills in the workplace. Our Communication in the Workplace course in Essex is highly popular and is designed for anyone at any level to participate and in turn, improve overall communication skills and performance. We adopt a hands-on learning experience, immersing our delegates in group discussions and activities to drive the learning home. Our team of fully qualified instructors are not just trainers, they are experienced business people with a history in leadership and management. They bring their skills and knowledge from their work experience to life and deliver the training. If you are interested in Effective Communication training in Essex, get in touch with Park City Consulting. Let us help you transform your communication and culture within your organisation.


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£395.00 Ex. VAT

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